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SeaWorld has graciously donated four single-day pass tickets to their San Diego theme park - a value of over $350. This pack of four tickets will be given away to one workshop registrant via a random drawing. Register here for one of Storm Water Awareness Week's online keynote sessions or one of the many live in-person workshops being offered throughout California. The more classes you register for - the greater your chances of winning. No purchase is necessary. Some black out dates apply to the tickets. Tickets are valid through 8/31/2017 and must be used at SeaWorld San Diego. The winner of the SeaWorld passes is Celine Granger with Tesla Motors, Inc. Congratulations!.
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Watch the Keynote Sessions
This year, our keynote sessions will be hosted from SeaWorld San Diego. These sessions will be made available starting September 26th, and can be seen here on the Storm Water Awareness Week website.

Keynote #1:
Water Treatment Systems on a Theme-Park Level

Water treatment systems come in all sizes - from something as simple as a compost sock, to as large as a tow-behind trailer. But a theme park full of marine animals that depend upon clean water demands a much more advanced treatment system. In this exciting keynote session, you will get a rare look behind the scenes at the water quality system at SeaWorld's San Diego theme park.

Keynote #2:
Water Pollution's Silent Victims

Sometimes it's hard to step back and see the big picture. When it seems like the storm water regulations are getting a little carried away, it's good to remember the reason why we protect our water quality. In this keynote session, we are going to spend some time with the SeaWorld animal rescue team, and hear their perspective on the impact of pollution on marine wildlife, and why it's important to protect water quality.

Keynote #3:
Pathogen Pollution in Marine Animals

You may have noticed that many of the waterways in the Industrial General Permit's 303(d) list are impaired for "pathogens." These harmful little microorganisms can cause a boatload of trouble for human and animal health. In this keynote session, Dr. Pam Yochem with the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute will be discussing the impact of parasites and pathogens in storm water runoff on marine animals.

Watch last year's keynote sessions on our YouTube channel.