Now Boarding: Workshop Hosts!
Host a storm water workshop.
It's Easy!
To host a workshop, all you need is a workshop location and an idea for a 1-hour presentation (fresh out of ideas? We've got you covered with this idea page). And to make sure your workshop is a success, we're here to offer support whenever you need it.
The Rules
To maintain quality and consistency across dozens of workshops, we ask that our presenters follow three simple guidelines:

#1: It's free.
The basis of Storm Water Awareness Week is free education. Nobody pays us, and nobody pays you.

#2: It's education.
Even though Storm Water Awareness Week is a great marketing and networking opportunity, it is primarily an educational event. We ask our presenters to follow the "95% education, 5% marketing" approach.

#3: It's an hour.
Most professional development units are based on an hour of education. To make it easy on our attendees, we ask that your workshop be at least one hour long.