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Uh oh, I'm over my permit limits... now what? Nine sites that got it fixed, and how you can too.So you are exceeding your IGP permit limits, what now? There are so many options to navigate to bring your site into compliance, how do you know what is right for your site? In this presentation, we will provide an overview of both the how and the what of stormwater treatment. On the how side, from a do-it-yourself approach to hiring consultants, we will cover the pros, cons and tradeoffs between each approach. On the what side, we will cover a range of treatment approaches from passive to active, and then delve into the various types of active treatment technologies to consider for your site. Throughout, we will show how nine different sites across California navigated and found their way to an effective solution. We hope you can join us, and please bring some questions about your site for the presenter.Everett 2021-09-27 - 09:30 AMIndustrial
What is Stormwater Pollution?Demonstrate the potential of stormwater to impact water quality using Enviroscape's nonpoint source watershed model.Dixon2021-09-27 - 11:00 AMConstruction
Our Approach for Producing Engaging Training VideosSo, you need a training video and don't know where to start? This is the workshop for you. Our video production team will dive into our process for taking (usually dry) training content and making it engaging and interesting to watch. If you're wondering what to expect when producing a training video, or looking for creative ideas to present training, then join us for this workshop!Lodi2021-09-27 - 12:30 PMMunicipal
Construction SWPPPs that Actually Work and Don't Break the Bank John Teravskis is going to share insights and tips in how to write Construction SWPPPs for traditional and LUP projects. Learn how to prepare a SWPPP that is not only compliant but cost effective.Lodi2021-09-27 - 02:00 PMConstruction
Enhanced Green Roof Stormwater ManagementTwo innovative concepts, the Sponge-Roof Concept and the Purple-Roof Concept, provide far greater stormwater retention and detention than traditional green roofs. Learn how these work and how they can be applied to your project.Culpeper2021-09-28 - 08:00 AMConstruction
Q&A with the Water Board on the Proposed Construction General PermitAmy Kronson who is the Unit Senior of the Water Board's Industrial / Construction Division will be talking about the proposed renewal of the Construction General Permit. She will review significant changes in the proposed permit and update us on the status of the permit adoption and the types of comments received during the public comment period. There will be time for you to ask the Water Board questions about the proposed permit renewal.Lodi2021-09-28 - 10:00 AMConstruction
Industrial Stormwater Treatment: The Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid!Stormwater treatment can be a challenging endeavor, even for the most experienced professionals. Installation of treatment systems can include detailed engineering, construction, permitting, chemistry, compliance, legal, and other aspects. Further, companies often attempt to tackle these projects on tight timelines and with imperfect data. Many projects are site-specific and unique, but there are usually common threads between them. In this presentation, we will share our perspective on installation of industrial stormwater treatment systems and the Top 5 most common pitfalls to avoid when starting a new project. We hope you can join us and that you'll share some of your best lessons learned as well!Everett 2021-09-28 - 11:15 AMIndustrial
BMP- Kick the Can Part 1Walk with two of WGR's QSPs - Mike Lewis and Matthew Lewis, through a couple of active jobsites as we look at how BMPs are installed - both good and bad examples, how each BMP should be managed, and what to look for as your doing your inspection. (This is a 2 part workshop)Lodi2021-09-28 - 12:30 PMConstruction
Storm Water - Caltrans Style!Dusty Giffin, Storm Water Coordinator for Caltrans District 3, and David Korfas, Construction Storm Water Coordinator with TRC, will be talking about how Caltrans complies with the California Construction General Permit. They will cover some of the Caltrans-unique program elements such as CEM forms, CCEP and Photo Log inspections, Water Pollution Control Manager requirements, and Winterization Plans. There will be time allowed for Q&A. This is a great class for contractors and consultants new to Caltrans work.Lodi2021-09-28 - 02:00 PMConstruction
BMP- Kick the Can Part 2Walk with two of WGR's QSPs - Mike Lewis and Matthew Lewis, through a couple of active jobsites as we look at how BMPs are installed - both good and bad examples, how each BMP should be managed, and what to look for as your doing your inspection. (This is a 2 part workshop)Lodi2021-09-28 - 03:15 PMConstruction
Low Impact Development for Stormwater TreatmentThe principles of low impact development can greatly reduce the costs of implementing stormwater treatment systems. Additionally, LID technologies are more easily maintained while providing increased infiltration, water quality, and storage capabilities. Escondido2021-09-29 - 08:00 AMMunicipal
Active Treatment Systems: Ask The ProfessionalsIn this presentation frequently asked questions about active treatment systems from the construction community and the stormwater community will be addressed. The session will be followed by live question and answer period. Any questions not covered during the live period, can be emailed to and all questions will be answered.Loomis2021-09-29 - 09:15 AMConstruction
Yosemite Meadow and River Restoration - LIVE from YosemiteAlpine meadows play an important role in the State's water quality. Much of the water we drink has been filtered by a meadow. But, historically, the benefit of meadows was not understood and underappreciated. They were thought to be bogs that breed mosquitos and needed to be filled or transformed into something useful. Join us for this live broadcast from Yosemite National Park as we look at and talk about two meadows in the process of being restored and why that is beneficial to water quality.Yosemite2021-09-29 - 10:30 AMConstruction
Anatomy of a Construction Stormwater Treatment System Join Clear Creek Systems for a presentation on capturing and treating stormwater with emphasis on both passive and active treatment systems. We will discuss strategies and best practice to minimize costs while complying with permit regulations. Treatment system components will be reviewed and participants will gain an understanding of how it all comes together to meet unique and sometimes challenging site conditions. Emphasis will be on residential and commercial construction. Livermore2021-09-29 - 12:00 PMConstruction
New 8-hour Caltrans Water Pollution Control Manager Training RequirementsDiscuss the new Caltrans Water Pollution Control Manager (WPCM) 8-hour training requirement. Provide the history and timeline of the training. Provide an overview of the training topics and emphasis for WPCM's moving forward. Explain other new Caltrans storm water specification changes.Sacramento2021-09-29 - 01:00 PMConstruction
Treatment of PFAS in StormwaterTaking a holistic approach to PFAS management, one can develop a system that is effective, efficient, and specific to your treatment needs. PFAS is a very complex problem requiring a complex and complete solution. Learn what goes into the treatment of PFAS in stormwater.Livermore2021-09-29 - 02:15 PMMunicipal
Application to the Field: Performing Field Monitoring with clean water for wild streams and wildlifeThis workshop encompasses applying the 401 and 1600 permits to onsite conditions. Keeping these permits in mind, we go through the process of conducting field water quality sampling and wildlife protection. Huntington Beach2021-09-29 - 03:30 PMConstruction
IDDE, Pollution Prevention, & Good HousekeepingThis workshop is designed to cover the municipal staff required training listed in E.7.b of the Phase II MS4 Permit. This workshop will provide a refresher training on Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Pollution Prevention Tips for O&M activities, and performing Good Housekeeping at municipal facilities. Lodi2021-09-30 - 08:00 AMMunicipal
Pesticides and Storm Water QualityAre you a municipality looking for staff training regarding the new Pyrethroid Control Program? This workshop is for you! We will cover the Pollution Prevention requirements of the Pyrethroid Management Program, discuss stormwater runoff and water quality concerns, and utilizing Integrated Pest Management in conjunction with chemical controls. This workshop is aimed towards municipal environmental compliance managers and municipal pest applicators. Lodi2021-09-30 - 09:30 AMMunicipal
Designing an Industrial Stormwater System: Concept to CompletionJoin Clear Creek Systems as they discuss the design and implementation of a Industrial Stormwater Treatment System. This top down view is designed for consultants and industrial facility operators and will touch on: • Assessing the Site - Site Design & Layout • Identifying Contaminants of Concern • How to Treat the Water Efficiently and Economically • Pilot/Bench Testing to Prove ResultsLivermore2021-09-30 - 11:00 AMIndustrial
Conditioning Construction Projects with Storm Water RequirementsESCP or SWPPP? Small or Large PCSP? CGP coverage? Are you confused by all the acronyms yet? This workshop is geared for municipalities, and specifically permit technicians, to understand what storm water permits are required of new construction and when they are required. We will be covering Erosion and Sediment Plan requirements, Construction General Permit Coverage, Post-Construction Plan requirements, and some things to consider during permit finals. Whether you're a permit technician for a municipality, or on the development side, this workshop will help make sense of when storm water plans are required and which plans a project will need.Lodi2021-09-30 - 12:30 PMMunicipal
In a COVID World- Using Litterati for CleanupsThe Water Board in 2020 presented MS4 permittees a seemingly impossible challenge: keep on going with permit requirements, yet local pubic health requirements orders prevented community cleanups. Enter the Litterati app- digital Cleanup Challenges which engages the public in keeping our town clean. This strategy worked well for Lodi, increasing community involvement towards identifying and cleaning trash hotspots throughout the community, while providing the City with needed data for reporting purposes. Win- win!! Lodi2021-09-30 - 01:45 PMMunicipal
Common Mistakes & Misconceptions Associated With Compost-based BMP ApplicationsCompost storm water blankets and filter socks are extremely effective tools for managing storm water yet are often perceived as too expensive or simply difficult to install. With California mandating more organics be recycled and diverted from landfills to address Greenhouse Gas build-up in the environment, it is even more important professionals tasked with managing storm water run-off understand the different types of compost, what works and what doesn't. This workshop will cover the specifications and practical application of compost-based BMP's, where and when to use them and common mistakes made in both installation as well as understanding the specifications for maximum performance. Escondido2021-09-30 - 03:00 PMMunicipal
Life, Erosion, and the Enjoyment of Beneficial UsesIt is not often you get these two erosion professionals together in the same room. (OK, technically Zoom isn't a room.) But, David Franklin and John Teravskis will be teaming up for a special Storm Water Awareness Week edition of David's Open Forum Friday. They will be talking about hot topics in the world of erosion and sediment control. In this talk show-style program, you will be able to ask these professionals about erosion challenges or questions you may have. It is sure to be informative, a lot of fun, and probably a little strange.Lodi2021-10-01 - 08:00 AMConstruction
IGP Basics Part 1: What Is The IGPMany businesses find that they are required to acquire Industrial General Storm Water Permit (IGP) coverage. This workshop, which is Part 1 of a three-part series on the IGP, will discuss a brief history of where the IGP came from, who is required to have IGP coverage, and which Best Management Practices the IGP expects dischargers to employ. This three-part workshop series is designed to meet the IGP Employee Training requirements in Section X.H.1.f. Lodi2021-10-01 - 09:30 AMIndustrial
IGP Basics Part 2: What am I expected to do?This workshop will discuss the monitoring requirements in the IGP. You can say that Part 1 is the "what" of the IGP and Part 2 is the "how." This three-part workshop series is designed to meet the IGP Employee Training requirements in Section X.H.1.f. Lodi2021-10-01 - 11:00 AMIndustrial
IGP Basics Part 3: Sampling This workshop will review some different sampling situations and recommendations on how to collect compliant samples. If Part 1 is the "what" of the IGP and Part 2 is the "how," Part 3 is the"how to" of IGP sampling. This three-part workshop series is designed to meet the IGP Employee Training requirements in Section X.H.1.f. Lodi2021-10-01 - 01:30 PMIndustrial
Storm Water Awareness Week: The Next ChapterWGR has been the host of this grassroots educational event for the past 10 years. We have enjoyed every moment and it has been our gift to the storm water industry. We want to share this privilege with others. Join John and the WGR team as we discuss what is in store for the future and how your organization can play an important role in this annual event. We want to hear from you during this one hour workshop. Please come with ideas on how to grow SWAW and to make it more relevant to the storm water community. This event belongs to all of us! Lodi2021-10-01 - 03:00 PMAll